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We’re on a mission to help your child become a confident reader

Saving you time and eliminating worry

Root Reading Tutors is an academic tutoring service specializing in reading and writing. We offer affordable online tutoring nationwide using common video hosting platforms. 

We teach our lessons using digital books, engaging activities, and learning games — because learning should be enjoyable. Our primary goal is to teach your child the foundational literacy skills they need to meet and exceed grade-level proficiency.

We tutor with intention and foster meaningful relationships with our students — so they can have growth and confidence that lasts. 


What We Teach 


Solid reading skills are necessary to understand all other academic subjects. Our tutors support your children with phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.


When English is a second language, learning to read and write can take a little more time. Our tutors can help your child speak, read, and write in English with confidence. 


We cover a full range of topics, including grammar, conventions, sentence structure, organization, and spelling. With our help, your child will be able to create well-written pieces for their writing classes. 


Reading comprehension is essential to accurately solve written word problems in math. Through tutoring, we can equip your child with strategies to help them dissect and solve word problems.  


Hi! I’m Arielle

As a certified teacher with almost 10 years of combined teaching and tutoring experience, I’ve worked with countless students of various backgrounds and learning styles.

Web Res-0153.jpg
Founder & Director of
Root Reading Tutors

From personal experience, I understand it can be hard for teachers to meet the individual needs of every student in a traditional classroom setting.

I started tutoring to provide individualized reading support for students who need more help than they’re getting in school. 

I believe that with the right tutor, every student can make considerable strides in reading and writing. 


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